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It’s An Honor Thing

This is it folks, Election Day is tomorrow.

In the morning, I’ll go vote before the lines get too long, and by this time tomorrow night, I’ll be watching the returns. My plan is to stick with Stewart and Colbert for most of the night, but I think I’ll pop over to NBC every so often.  Mostly because every time Matt Lauer or Brian Williams says “Democracy Plaza” with a purely straight face, it makes me smile.

The race has been long, more than occasionally petty, and we’ve been inundated with campaign ads that I will certainly not miss. I think it’s safe to say everyone’s a bit tired of hearing “… and I approve this message.” The debates, of course, produced a number of memes that provided inspiration for some fun Halloween costumes.

My point in all of this seems a bit obvious, but I truly don’t think it can be said enough.  The rhetoric, the arguing, the finger-pointing and the noise isn’t what the election is about. It’s about us. So please, go out and and vote.

Vote your conscience, your convictions, your beliefs, or, if you’re like me, partly out of fear that the spectre of your paternal grandmother might haunt you if you don’t.  Making your voice heard matters.

And so, in the spirit of bipartisanship (and romance), I give you one of my favorite scenes from The West Wing: Donna Moss (Janel Moloney) and Jack Reese’s (Christian Slater) vote swap/meet cute.



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